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Environmental Pollution Essay for Students

environmental pollution essay

We have written a model environmental pollution essay that you can use as a reference to write your own essay on environmental pollution.

What is Environmental Pollution?

The environment is the place surrounding us. And Environmental pollution is pollution that happens in our surroundings. With the rapid exploitation of natural resources by human beings, Environment pollution is increasing day by day. As a result, our environment is altered from its natural ecosystem or rather contaminated with pollutants.

Environmental pollutions are man-made pollution that has been accumulated for many years. Pollution will get only worse over time if not any proactive steps taken against it. It can pose a serious threat to human beings and all living beings on earth including animals and birds. Environmental pollution refers to the act of contaminating all-natural resources including water, soil, and air with pollutants.

Littering on the ground is a great example of soil pollution. Draining harmful chemical waste into water sources is an example of water pollution. Let’s see the cause and consequences of different environmental pollution.

Water Pollution

The surface of the earth is 70% covered with water. Out of that, Ocean holds a major share of 97% water and the rest constitutes of all other water bodies present on the land areas such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. There are trillions of life depends on the ocean and other water resources for survival. Water is an important necessity for all lives on earth including human beings. Despite all the significance, the water holds, It is widely misused and abused by human beings. Water Pollution is the major form of pollution affecting the entire ecosystem and lives on earth.


  1. Draining industrial waste into rivers and lakes causing pollution to waters in it.
  2. Dumping wastes including plastics into the ocean and other water bodies.


Water pollution often causes fatal damages to the entire ecosystem of the water and causes loss of lives to many majestic organisms living in water, including plants, fish, and other aquatic animals. Water pollution also causes various health hazards to human beings when consumed.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the act of contaminating the air with pollutants. It is caused by gaseous and solid particles suspended in the air. Emissions from vehicles, industries are the major contributor to air pollution.


  1. Mixture of Solid and Gaseous emissions from Industries
  2. Emissions from Vehicles.
  3. Emissions from refrigeration systems.


  1. Global warming majorly causes due to air pollution. Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and industries increase the atmospheric temperature resulting in global warming.
  2. Emission of Carbon monoxide from Industries causes depletion in the ozone layer.
  3. Air pollution also results in accumulation of hazardous fog in surroundings which cause health hazards such as breathing difficulties and lung diseases.

Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution is the contamination of soil with inorganic materials. It is mainly caused by the dumping of waste materials into the soil and application of inorganic materials such as pesticides and fertilizers that alters the natural composition of the soil.


  1. Dumping of inorganic waste materials such as plastic into the soil by industries.
  2. Littering in soil surfaces
  3. Use of pesticides and fertilizers on soil for agricultural purposes.


Too much presence of inorganic substances such plastics in the soil affects the natural composition of the soil and also restricts the absorption of water into the ground. Use of fertilizers and pesticides on soil depletes the natural nutrients present in it and also kills many beneficial microorganisms present in the soil.