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Difference between Inoculation and Vaccination

As much as the pandemic directly or indirectly affects people’s lives and livelihood, Also there can be seen an increasing trend of scientific temper rising among them. The Covid-19 Pandemic gave us an opportunity to brush up a little bit on science and scientific terminologies which is really going forward in the right direction. There are these scientific terms used by medics such as Innoculation, Vaccination, and Immunization especially for getting people vaccinated. Though these words may seem to have similar meaning but their purpose of application differs greatly.

We are very much aware that vaccine is the only weapon effective to protect ourselves from the virus. Vaccination is basically inoculating a vaccine into the body in order to build immunity from a specific disease. For example, Polio-vaccines helped to eradicate Polio disease in many parts of the world. Firstly Let’s see what exactly is a vaccine.

What is Vaccine?

Vaccine is a mild or inactivated form of a disease causing pathogens usually viruses or bacterias, that is injected into a person to protect the person against that specific disease. Now this whole act of immunizing or vaccinationg people against diseases is called vaccination.

Then what is mean by Inoculation?

Unlike Vaccination, Inoculation is general term used to describe the act of injecting any pathogens or toxins including vaccines into the person or a animal body for a desired outcome.