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Current Affairs India 26 March 2024

Read the most important current affairs of 26 March 2024. Today Current Affairs covers the headlines on CAD report, BRICS and more

India’s CAD narrows to 10.5 Billion USD: RBI

Reserve Bank of India has reported that India’s Current Affairs Deficit narrowed to 1.2% of GDP or $10.5 billion in the third quarter of this financial year. It was reported to be 11.4 Billion USD in the previous three months and 16.8 billion USD a year ago.

What is the Current Account Deficit?

Current Account Deficit is a phenomenon where a country’s total imports exceed total exports.

BRICS Development Bank to lend $5 Billion in 2024

BRICS plans to offer up to $5 billion in loans in the year 2024 through the New Development Bank (NDB) it constituted – the vice president of BRICS Zhou Qiangwu said in a release.

Sterlite Power partners with GIC Singapore

Sterlite Power Ltd India has signed an agreement with Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund GIC to produce more green power transmission projects in India. Singapore GIC will have a stake of 49% and Sterlite Power Ltd will have a controlling stake of 51%