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CPA Requirements

Is Becoming a CPA your goal? Carefully Go through this article to learn about the CPA Requirements.

A CPA is a licensed professional who offers accounting services to the public, businesses, and organizations. Their job role includes drafting financial statements and tax returns, conducting audits, and mentoring employers on critical financial decisions.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) enjoy a higher lifestyle in English-speaking countries as they are in a profession that pays extremely well.

CPA Requirements

Educational Requirement: Having a Bachelor’s Degree is a foremost requirement to become a CPA. You can have a bachelor’s degree in any course. If you have a bachelor’s degree with major subjects other than business and accounting, you must complete a minimum number of accounting-related credits as specified by your state’s accounting board.

Pass the CPA Examination: To become a CPA, You need to pass the CPA exam conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The test consists of four parts. In most states, test-takers have 18 months from the time they pass the first section to pass the other three.

Obtain CPA License: Post passing the examination, you can obtain a CPA license. However, some states expect candidates to undergo 1 year of professional accounting or auditing experience before issuing a CPA license.

Renew and Maintain Licensure: CPAs are bound to renew their licences every 1-2 years which varies by state. CPAs are expected to continuously update their knowledge in the field to sustain in the profession.