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Climate Change Essay for Students and Children

climate change

Those days are gone when our ancestors nicely predicted the weather. The weather pattern remained more or less the same every passing year. Now what we are witnessing about the climate is unimaginably difficult to comprehend. Literally, It is getting more difficult to predict the climate. Climate Change is the most serious issue that everyone should pay heed to.

We can realize climate change by many harsh and subtle expressions of nature. Ponds & Lakes your ancestors might have enjoyed spending time is now out of water due to the extreme playing of the sun. The seasonal rains you would be enjoying in the month of November are almost insufficient. The intensity of the sun is becoming unbearable day by day, as a result, icebergs from two poles are melting at an alarming rate.

Iceberg melting: Iceberg melting poses a serious threat to the landscape of the earth and its every occupant. The rapid melting of icebergs rises the sea level and over time may lead many land areas to submerge into the sea.

Global warming: Global warming is nothing but the rising temperature of the earth. It majorly happens due to the emission of greenhouse gases from industries and various other sources such as vehicles, air conditioners, etc. Melting of the Iceberg and sea-level rise are some of the dangerous consequences of Global warming.

Climate change has been a cause for major concern all over the world in recent decades. Due to climate change, There have been serious losses to all forms of lives on earth. Climate change has been greatly impacting the entire ecosystem of the earth. If we do not take any action to control climate change, sooner or later lives on the earth will end up in greater misery. So it is our duty to save the earth and save lives on the earth.