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Child Marriage Essay For Students and Children

child marriage

Child Marriage essay is an important social topic that every student should be able to pen down. This Essay on Child Marriage will highlight important points on child marriage.

Child Marriage Essay

Child Marriage refers to the unconsented marriage of a minor child to another minor child or an adult. Child marriage is a punishable offense in India and several countries. Child marriage is declared a crime because it seriously affected children’s rights. Even though it is banned, child marriage still continues in many parts of the world.

Children at a very younger age were forcibly made to get married by their own parents. This evil practice becomes a threat to the child’s overall development and even for their life. These early married children are usually deprived of basic education and other opportunities that other children of their age enjoy. Early Parenthood is also pretty common among child marriage victims. These Children become parents at a very young age, making their children’s life too uncertain.