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Child Labour Essay For Students and Children

Essay on Child Labour in English

Child labour is a horrendous act of employing children for work. You Might have watched some movies about little children getting exploited by one Vilain employer, forcing them to do odd jobs with very little rest, lower wages, and food. Those movies are just a representation of what’s happening in the real life. Child labor is an act of employing children smaller than 15 years of age and it is a prohibited act in many places around the world. Many countries have policies in place that restrict employing children for work.

In many countries, the minimum age for employment has been fixed at 15 years and above. Children below the said age can’t be formally employed at any organization. The main aim to prevent child labour is to protect the children’s fundamental rights and opportunities. When children started to work at their very early age, they are deprived of basic education, entertainment or experience, and many crucial opportunities that other children of their age enjoy.

Causative Factors of Child Labour

Child labour occurs for many reasons. In most cases, children are forced into work out of poverty. Especially, Children from poor families opt to work either out of compulsion by their family or out of their own will because of their family’s financial condition.

Child Labour is more common among economically and educationally backward societies. Children from financially and educationally disadvantaged families have not many options but to go to work in order to support themselves and their families. Such Poor children are often exploited by greedy employers for more work, lesser wages, and substandard working conditions.

How to stop Child Labour

Children are a hope for the future. It is a responsibility of a nation to safeguard their next generation. We know hat Child labor not only affects the progress of the children but also the progress of the society. As poverty is the most causative factor for child labour, It is more important for the government to take various measures alleviate poverty in the country.

Further, Government must create awareness about the importance of education among the poor and educationally backward societies. Poor Children should be offered free education, food, and accommodation to deviate them from becoming a victim of child labour.Es

Child Labour Essay For Students and Children
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