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Chemical Formula of Bauxite, Properties, Uses

Bauxite is naturally occurring, composed of a mixture of aluminium hydroxide. Bauxite is the principal ore of Aluminium.

The Chemical Formula for Bauxite is Al2H2O4

Bauxite Properties

Chemical FormulaAl2H2O4
Atomic number13
Appearancewhite to gray to reddish brown 
Density 2.5-3.5 g/cm3.
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass119.977 g/mol
Boiling Point (2518°C, 4565°F)
Melting Point(659°C, 1219°F)
Other names Phosphorus (V) chloride, Pentachloro Phosphorane

Uses of Bauxite

  • It is used as an adsorbent.
  • Used a Catalyst and Desiccating agent
  • Used in the manufacture of dental cement and refractories.