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Carrot Essay for Students and children

carrot essay

Carrot Essay 10 lines – Set 1

  1. Carrot is a very common root vegetable.
  2. It grows below the soil.
  3. Carrot is orange in color but it is also in other colors such as black, red, purple, and white.
  4. Carrot is a rich source of Vitamin A and Beta carotene.
  5. Eating carrots may improve one’s eyesight and it also prevents night blindness.
  6. Carrot is one of the tastiest vegetables.
  7. Carrot tastes sweeter and delicious so it is eaten by many.
  8. Carrots can also be eaten raw as it requires no cooking.
  9. It is considered the healthiest and delicious snack that contains a lot of nutrients.
  10. Everyone should eat carrots and improve their health.

Carrot Essay – Set 2

  1. Carrot is a popular root vegetable eaten by people all over the world.
  2. Carrot is used in cooking salads, curries, and various types of dishes.
  3. Carrot soup is a popular and tastiest dish made with carrots.
  4. One can eat the carrot as raw as it taste sweet and delicious.
  5. Carrots have loads of nutrients good for our body.
  6. It has Vitamin A, Beta carotene, Anti-oxidants, and many good nutrients.
  7. Eating carrots is good for the eyes and skin.
  8. Carrots are also munched by small animals such as rabbits and squirrels.
  9. Carrots can be eaten every day as they are really a healthy vegetable,
  10. Carrot is my favourite vegetable.
Carrot Essay for Students and children
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