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Brain Drain Essay For Students and Children

Essay on Brain Drain

Brain drain is called the migration of high Intellect citizens of a nation to other countries for better standards of living. Brain drain is most common in the least developed countries, and politically or economically unstable countries where highly intelligent and skilled professionals such as doctors, engineers, researchers, lawyers flock to developed countries for a better opportunity in terms of education, job, remuneration, and living standards.

Some argue that the brain drain happens in India is due to the caste-based reservation system in Government Jobs and educations. Also, there is tough competition in the entrance and other competitive exams due to the overwhelming population that forces more people to compete for very few positions in Govt Jobs, Schools, and Colleges.

While in some countries, brain drain happens due to factors such as terrorism, civil war, political instability, poor economy, poor living conditions, and corruption. Brain drain will greatly affect the progress of a country if the country’s intellectual and talented citizens move to other countries for the betterment of their life.

Internal Conflicts, Civil war, Terrorism are among the most common reason for brain drain in country. The recent Civil Wars in Syria led thousands of its citizens including top brains such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists to seek refuge at other countries. It is believed that the substantial amount of brain drain happened in Syria is going to affect the country for many years.

Though it is impossible to completely stop brain drain in any country, many countries takes various steps to minimize the migration of their potent, talented and highly educated citizens by attracting them various incentives, privileges and monetary benefits to serve for their homeland.

Brain Drain Essay For Students and Children
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