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BJP will win in all 5 States Says, PM Modi

In an interview given to ANI on Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi has said that BJP will win in all 5 states (Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Uttrakhand, Manipur) legislative assembly elections and BJP will government in all 5 States. He also said that there is a BJP wave in all these 5 states and the people of states will vote BJP to power.

PM Modi has also asserted there wasn’t any anti-incumbency in the BJP ruling states. 

“Wherever BJP has been given the opportunity to work with stability, there you will find an atmosphere of pro-incumbency and not anti-incumbency. BJP always emerges into elections with pro-incumbency,” the prime minister said. 

“Someone sent me a letter once that in Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh there were 45 people from the family who held some positions. Someone else told me all those around 25 years of age got the opportunity to contest elections. Is this dynastic politics is a threat for democracy?” he asked.

Prime Minister Modi hit out at the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, terming him as a person who doesn’t sit and listen in the House. He even repeated his dynastic politics jibe at the opposition. 

“When dynastic politics takes place, family is supreme, save the family whether the party is saved or not, whether the country is saved or not, when this happens, what is the first casualty? Howsoever the son, he will be the party chief, the biggest casualty then is talent,” he added.