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Best Internal Security Books For UPSC Preparation

Internal security is one of the major topics in the syllabus of UPSC General Studies Paper-III. The topic coves on matters such as internal security challenges faced by India such as extremism. terrorism, money laundering, and cyber security. Most topics on Internal security topics can very well be prepared without any special book as current issues pertaining to security are asked in the exam.

Additionally, you can also through a book for deep understanding on the subject, we recommend the following best Internal Security Books for your UPSC Preparation.

Challenges to Internal Security of India by Ashok Kumar

This book on Challenges to Internal Security of India by Ashok Kumar is relatively the best book for UPSC Mains III preparation. This which is comprehensively written for UPSC Aspirants almost covers the syllabus for Internal Security in UPSC mains GS III. The book is updated frequently to include the latest issues. [Buy this book here]

Internal security of India by Shrikant Paranjpe

Internal Security in India is a wide and very complex issue. There is a problem of terrorism, militancy, communalism, extremism and each one contributes to the restlessness of the country. Unfortunately, there is no definite clarity or transparency pertaining to these issues. This book on Internal Security of Shrikant Paranjpe neatly explains various issues affecting the Internal Security of India. [Buy this book online]

Internal Security: Concepts, Dynamics and Challenges

This Book on Internal security is specially written for Aspirants of UPSC Main Examination. The is one of the best books on India’s Internal Security for UPSC mains preparation. It provides deep insights into the issues and the challenges of Internal Security in India. The book also contains 50+ case studies on the internal Security of India, Previous Years Question Papers, and mind maps for easy learning and revision. [Buy this book online]