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Best General Knowledge Book for Competitive Exams


If you wish to win any competitive exams, you must’ve got a good hold of general knowledge. General Knowledge is simply the awareness of any information which is of significant importance for society. Let’s see some of the best General Knowledge Books for Competetive Exams.


Investing in a daily newspaper is the best thing you can do to update your General Knowledge. Subscribe to any of the good regional newspapers and national newspapers for the cause. Regional newspapers will have in-depth news updates on a regional level, for example, the particular state. National Newspaper will have wider coverage, carrying news about all over India and also outside India. i.e. International news.

Lucent’s General Knowledge

lucent's general knowlege book

Lucent’s General knowledge book is a must-buy book for all those who are preparing for government jobs. Particularly If you are keen to take up a job in the central government, this book will help enhance your general knowledge as enough to clear any competitive exams for central government jobs.

Arihant General Knowledge book

lucent's general knowledge book

If you look for another best gk book for preparing for your competitive exams, this book is for you. With being updated with the latest information every year, Arihant General’s knowledge book is the best book for GK Preparation. By this, you can make yourself aware of all the important news and events through which you can easily face such gk questions at the exam.