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Best Atlas For UPSC Examination


If you are a UPSC aspirant, you might well know about the importance of having good geographical knowledge. Good Atlas will help you gain accurate information on the topographical features of different countries, continents, and oceans with their detailed geopolitical, social, religious, and economic statistics. Let’s see some Best Atlas for UPSC Exam preparation.

1. Oxford Student Atlas for India

oxford school atlas

Oxford Student Atlas for India is a popular atlas referred by many UPSC aspirants in India. It has helped many civil service aspirants in the preparation of Indian geography for their exams. Oxford Atlas is very well organized with detailed, accurate, and up-to-date information about every nook and corner of the Indian topography. In this Atlas, you can find in-depth information on various aspects of India such as climate, vegetation, economy, industry, etc. You can buy this atlas from local book stores or also you can buy it online.

2. Orient Blackswan School Atlas

best atlas for upsc

Orient Blackswan School Atlas is one of the Best Atlas for geography exam preparation in the UPSC examination. This atlas has provided detailed information about every different geographical feature of India with nice illustrations, The page quality is awesome, You will also get a CD come with this atlas for digital use on laptops or computers. You can buy this atlas along with the oxford student atlas for better preparation for the UPSC examination. Also, you can buy this Atlas from your local book stores or you can buy it online.