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Top 10 Avionics Companies in the world

avionics company

The term Avionics is a blended word from Aviation and Electronics. Ever Since the First Aircraft invented by the Wright Brothers in 1903, the aviation industry has grown into leaps and bounds that too in a record time, all thanks to the contribution made by Avionics manufacturers in the Aviation field.

Avionics manufacturers design and develop various electrical systems used in aircrafts such as Primary Flight Display systems, Navigation systems, Communication systems, and many other electrical systems for performing various functions in aircraft.

The avionics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and owing to rapid globalization taking place, the industry has great potential to grow further. It is estimated that the avionics market will nearly reach 87 billion by the year 2024 and this can ultimately create a lot of jobs in the avionics field. Let’s see the top 10 avionics companies in the world.

1. Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace is a well-known aerospace engine and avionics manufacturer headquartered in Phoenix, United States.

2. Garmin Ltd

As a global provider of navigation, Garmin makes geospatial information products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports companies. Their “vertical integration” business model keeps these functions in-house, allowing them have more control over timelines, quality, and service.

3. Boeing

Boeing is a world renowned aerospace company, Beside aircraft manufactuning, boeing indulges in engineering design packages and kits offer avionics upgrades in four key areas: digital communication, navigation, surveillance solutions, and enhanced flight deck displays. The headquarters of boeing located in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

4. Thales Group

Thales Group is one of the Pioneering manufacturers of avionics. From air traffic management, training and simulation solutions, nose-to-tail aircraft connectivity and in-flight services, Thales enable and connect all parts of the aerospace ecosystem.

5. GE Aviation

GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, is headquartered in Evendale, Ohio, outside Cincinnati. GE Aviation is among the top aircraft engine suppliers, and offers engines for the majority of commercial aircraft. GE Aviation is part of the General Electric conglomerate, which is one of the world’s largest corporations. The division operated under the name of General Electric Aircraft Engines (GEAE) until September 2005.

6. Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Panasonic Avionics Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of IFEC solutions. The company take cares of inflight entertainment and air passenger experience.

7. UTC Aerospace system

UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) was formed by United Technologies Corporation in August 2012 by combining two companies: Goodrich Corporation and Hamilton Sundstrand. UTC Aerospace Systems is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

8. L-3 Avionics System

L-3 Communications Avionics Systems designs, manufactures, and sells avionics and instruments. The compay is headquartered in Michigan, United States.

9. Avidyne Corporation

Avidyne Corporation is an avionics company based in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Avidyne is developer of Integrated Avionics Systems, multi-function displays, and traffic advisory systems for light general aviation (GA) aircraft. Headquartered in Lincoln, MA, the company has facilities in Columbus, OH, Melbourne, FL, and Boulder, CO.

10. Universal Avionics System Corporation

Universal Avionics is a leading manufacturer of innovative avionics systems offered as retrofit and forward-fit solutions for the largest diversification of aircraft types in the industry. It is headquatered in Tucson, Arizona, in the United States.