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A Famous Person You Admire Essay

The Famous Person I Admire Essay In English

I believe people always have a person whom they greatly admire for specific reasons of their choice or liking. Some People admire famous people such as actors, and politicians and there are some who admire people from their close circles such as parents, teachers, and friends. I hope you too have a person that you admire. Let’s go about a Famous Person that greatly I Admire.

The Famous Person that I myself greatly admire is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was the epitome of kindness and generosity. She lived her entire life for the welfare of poor and destitute people. Mother Teresa was born originally as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia to a grocer father Nikolle, and a kind Mother Dranafile Bojaxhiu.

At eight years of age, she miserably lost her father due to illness, and since then she was brought up by her mother. Her mother taught Mother Teresa, to be kind and helpful to others. Mother Teresa practised kindness and generosity from a very young age.

Also at a very young age, she wanted to embrace Christianity and wanted to become a nun. After a short stint as a nun in Ireland, She along with a group of other nuns was destined to India to do community service as part of a Christian Missionary.

There she worked in a school in Calcutta as a teacher for 20 years, before she left her teaching job to do social work full-time after being disturbed by the sight of unimaginable poverty in Kolkata and thereafter she vowed to help the poor and destitute people in Bengal.

During her life in India, Mother Teresa helped a lot of destitute and ill, and socially neglected people with no means of financial and medical aid. She lent a large part of her focus to care for leprosy-affected people who suffered without any means of support. She ran pillar to post in India for financial aid to support a large number of people she takes care of.

Though she faced many humiliations initially while reaching out for help, she tolerated all of them with absolute kindness. She had opened homes for the poor, and also successfully managed to institutionalize her social work with great hard work and perseverance. She also inspired many people to do social work.

Appreciating her noble work, the Government of India felicitated Mother Teresa with Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in the year 1980. She’s also the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and Ramon Magsaysay award for her greatest contribution to the fight against poverty and distress in South and East Asia, especially India.

Though many famous people lived and left the world and only a few of them are remembered forever. Mother Teresa will be remembered forever. She is a symbol of kindness and selflessness. That’s why Mother Teresa is a famous person I admire.