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10 lines on My School for Students

my school essay

We’ve written a 10 Line Essay for young schoolers on their favourite place that they would love to pen — “My School – Let’s read!

10 Lines on my School – 1

  1. My School name is Vivekananda high school.
  2. It is situated in Chennai.
  3. My School is the best school in the world because It has the best teachers.
  4. My School has taught me many important things such as discipline and punctuality.
  5. My School gave me a lot of good friends.
  6. I love all the games and sports conducted in our school every year.
  7. I participate in many of the games like running, and high Jump. I had come first in High Jump in the sports event conducted last year.
  8. My School conducts an annual day every year and the Cultural programs in it are my favourite part.
  9. I and My Friends will Participate in any of the dance or drama events on an annual day every year without fail.
  10. My School is my favourite place. I love my School Very Much.

10 lines on My School – 2

  1. School is the greatest place an individual can go to.
  2. My School is Mahatma Gandhi High School
  3. It is situated in Delhi.
  4. My School is the place I have acquired the basic skills and knowledge needed to achieve in my life.
  5. My School had the best talented compassionate teachers who taught me an education as well as many life skills.
  6. School is the only place where people get lifelong friends. I got a lot of best friends from school.
  7. I was introduced to many good books in the school library by my library teacher. Spending time in the school library is one of my favourite times in school.
  8. My School has various clubs for students to participate in. I was a leader in the NSS club.
  9. Besides my school conducts various competitions, games, and sports events all around the year. I participate in them along with friends.
  10. My Schools days are more enjoyable and at the same time very useful to improve my knowledge.

My School Essay 10 lines

  1. School is an abode of Knowledge.
  2. I’m Studying Grade 8 at St. Marys High School.
  3. My School is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  4. Many Successful People had studied at my school, so I feel very proud to study in this school.
  5. My school has talented and kind teachers who teach us with utmost dedication.
  6. I have been part of my school’s scout group since grade 3. I have been able to gain more experience and knowledge by being in the scout group.
  7. Ms Beula who teaches biology is my favourite teacher in the school. She inspires and motivates me a lot. Ms Beula is a wonderful teacher.
  8. I have a lot of friends at my school. Playing with friends is always my favourite part while at school.
  9. I’m active in sports in school. I play basketball and also I’m an athlete. I had won many medals and accolades playing basketball.
  10. I love my School Very Much.