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  • All of the following are considered methodologies of art, except which?
    A. FormalismB. FeminismC. ImageryD. Marxism The Answer is Option C. Imagery
  • Which of the following is not true regarding the use and importance of symmetry?
    A. it is achieved when parts of an object are arranged along an imaginary center line.B. it gives a work of art aesthetic appeal.C. it creates differentiation between each part through the use of dimension and scale.D. it provides balance for the overall design of a piece of art. From the above statements, Option C…
  • Which country has its own Satellite Navigation System
    Currently, there are 5 countries (India, China, USA, Russia & Japan) and the Europen Union has its own satellite navigation system. Satellite Navigation System is a navigation system that offers real-time location services using satellites. Countries with their own Satellite Navigation Systems Country Satellite Navigation System First Launch USA Global Positioning System (GPS) February 22,…
  • Geography Questions with Answers
    Discover fascinating geography questions and their answers in this article. Test your knowledge, explore diverse landscapes, and learn about the world’s wonders. Start your journey now! The position of the Earth in its orbit, when it is at the greatest distance from the Sun, is called?Answer: Aphelion The position of the orbit of the moon…
  • What is the Function of Digestive enzymes?
    The Function of the digestive enzyme is to break down complex nutrients from the food we eat into simple ones that can be easily utilized by the body for energy needs. There are several digestive enzymes produced in the body to digest specific nutrients. For example, Lipase is the digestive enzyme that breakdown fat in…
  • [Solved] American Cup is related to which sports
    A. BaseballB. BasketballC. SailingD. Boxing Answer: The Correct Answer is Option C America’s Cup is related to Sailing.
  • [Solved] The Canal system in sponges develops…
    The Canal System in Sponges develops due to A. Gastrovascular systemB. Folding of Inner WallsC. Porous wallsD. Reproduction Answer: The Correct answer is Option B. Folding of Inner walls.